Coherence Therapy

Humans are fundamentally rhythmic beings who are self-organising, self-regulating, and self-healing, when conditions enable these capabilities to function uninterrupted.  However, with unresolved stress, emotions, and trauma or illness, these self-regulating capacities become disrupted, and compromise the entire body.

Establishing coherence in the autonomic nervous system – that which controls every function, organ, and cell in the body, enables optimum self-organising, self-regulating, and self-healing.

Coherence is a measure of wholeness.  It is the quality of being logically integrated, consistent and intelligible.  As coherence within any one body system increases, that system is more stable.  As coherence between body systems increases, the overall organism as a whole becomes more stable.

In our weekly 1-hour Coherernce Therapy program, you will:

  • Experience co-regulation from the horses who collectively generate a powerful resonant energy field of coherence (produces a sense of well-being)
  • Flow in your body as energy blocks are cleared
  • Pain relief (pain is produced by blocked energy)
  • Increased resilience in your autonomic nervous system
  • Learn ways to create coherence in your daily life

Who can benefit from our weekly program?

Everyone can benefit from taking time out, and allowing their nervous systems to be calmed and soothed by being in nature and supported by the therapeutic presence of horses.  It is most beneficial for people who:

  • have stressful lives or occupations
  • have pain or illness, or are in recovery
  • have children (especially young children – who cannot regulate their young nervous systems so they sync with the parents’ nervous systems
  • are managers or leaders (our nervous systems communicate information – especially about how safe we feel, and when others do not feel safe around us, they become stressed also)

You can attend as little or often as you like – there is no requirement to attend every week.

Cost is $35 per week.  Contact Cindy 0411593369 or email to register.