Why Horses?

Horses’ primary need is for safety

More than food, water, comfort and companionship, safety is paramount to a horse.

When we interact with them, they want to know who are we.  Can we be trusted?  Will we hurt them?  Where do we fit in the pecking order?  Consequently, they are intently focused on us.  They tune into our energetic vibration to get a ‘reading.’

The energetic space you’re holding emits a frequency based upon the emotion you choose to express in every moment

Everything is energy

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.- Albert Einstein

Everything is energy, and energy carries information.  We carry a lifetime of information in our cells – which are constantly vibrating and sending out information.  Our physical health carries a certain vibration, along with multitudes of other vibrations including our beliefs, experiences, emotions, intentions, and thoughts.  Each of us has a unique energetic signature.

Energy flows where our attention goes

Horses tune into our vibrations that have the most intensity – which are usually those aspects of ourselves that are unresolved and/or consume much of our attention – whether we are conscious of it our not.

Like attracts like

The quality of energetic vibration that we receive must match the quality of energetic vibration that we send out.  Therefore how the horses respond to us matches what we are transmitting. Horses are our energetic mirrors and through their responses to us, we can instantly get a sense of how we ‘show up’ in the world.  When we are grounded, heart-centred, and present, the horses are drawn to be near us.

Dynamic process

As we reflect on the horses’ responses, and move through our thoughts and emotions, the horses will provide a continuous, energetic response that reflect the changes occurring within us in the moment.  When we are aligned with our truth and values, the horses become relaxed; when we move away from our truth and values the horses become disinterested or even agitated.  With this kind of feedback we become clearer about our choices and actions.

Horses teach us to be present

Most of us have a natural tendency to ‘be in our heads,’ where we are thinking, analyzing, and judging.  While this is important and how we make sense of our world, we usually don’t spend enough time ‘being in our bodies,’ and being present.  Being in our bodies is being aware of our physical sensations, our emotions, and our outer environment as perceived through all our senses.

When we are in our heads we are not comfortable to be around – apart from the thought-energy we transmit, we are not ‘pulling our weight’ as a member of the herd.  Instinctively horses are always scanning their environment for potential danger.  In this way every member of the herd contributes to the herd safety.  When we are in our heads, we don’t ‘have their back,’ and a potential predator could sneak up while we are not paying attention.  We become a liability to the herd.

The present is where our personal power resides – not in the past or future

Of course, for humans, being present is where our personal power resides – not in the past or future.  The more we are present, the more influence we have on our inner and outer environment.

Horses teach us leadership and emotional intelligence skills

Humans are usually more goal-focused, competitive, and outcome driven than horses.  Lifes little obstacles3When we attempt to engage with the horses without respecting their needs, they will respond by not cooperating.  When it comes to relationships and leadership, their needs are much the same as ours:  they want respect, honesty, clarity, trust, congruence, confidence, consistency, and compassion.  As we develop and exhibit these qualities and balance them with our own outcome driven needs, the horses willingly engage with us.

Horses heal us

Physically and emotionally healthy horses live predominantly in a state of being relaxed and aware – similar to what we experience in meditation.  All of their body functions are in an optimum state.  When we become present and spend time in proximity to these horses, we experience a heightened sense of well-being.  This is because their electromagnetic field is stronger and more powerful than ours, and our body’s biorhythms synchronize with the horses’.

Physically and emotionally healthy horses also do not carry ‘baggage’ in the form of emotions, memories and trauma, and always live in the present moment.  Consciousness (energy / chi / qi / shakti) flows freely through them, and consequently they usually have a higher vibration than we do.  Their higher vibration causes any lower vibrations that we carry (eg. baggage) to become dislodged and released – allowing energy to flow more freely through us, and self-healing to take place.

Horses heal us energetically at many levels – simply through the law of resonance. They patiently show us how to become the highest expressions of ourselves and reward us by gifting us with their unconditional regard and unlimited willingness to engage with us.