Sponsor a Horse

Working with humans can be challenging



Humans can be a confusing mass of sometimes intense, swirling, and often conflicting energies.  Animals, and in particular, horses can see all of this.  Actually, they feel all of this.

Horses mirror energy


If we are calm and quiet, the horses are calm and quiet.  If we are confused, the horses appear unsettled.  When we have anger that we are not dealing with (eg. suppressed) the horses will reflect the quality of this energy as well.

We have seen our horses spin around in circles chasing their own tails, lay down at clients’ feet quivering and twitching, sometimes making unusual sounds like a human baby crying, or breathing as if it was difficult.



They dig, pace, bob their heads, yawn, put their feet in ‘dangerous’ places such as between bars or rails.  They sometimes bite and kick each other mirroring something about the client.  This seems to be involuntary as they are simply responding to the energy being transmitted by humans.

Participation is by choice


It is unmistakable when they decide to work with a person and especially when they slip into ‘healing mode.’  They often step into the person’s space, lower their heads, and go into what appears to be a focused meditation.  Their breathing is deep and rhythmic, and the energy transfer between the client and the horse is almost visible.  Even when there are distracting noises nearby, or the other horses get startled, or even horses in the paddocks calling out, the ‘working’ horses do not disconnect from the client until they are finished.


All of horses work at liberty (unrestricted and free to move away).  They have the choice to stay or ‘switch off,’ and simply walk away.

While they don’t seem to make judgments or feel pain of a trauma that a client may be feeling, they do feel the quality of the energy we bring with us – anger, sadness, fear, worry, frustration.  It is humbling to observe their willingness to work with us, despite how unnatural, confronting, and challenging it might be for them.


The horses take turns working, resting, and playing.  They choose if they want to work.  They are invited to come and work, and they will usually step forward – indicating their willingness, or sometimes turning away – indicating a lack of willingness.  Quite often when one or two horses step forward, the rest of the herd comes along.  Sometimes the biggest problem is who not to choose!

It’s not uncommon that the horse who seems most eager to come in to work is the one chosen by the client.



Quite possibly the horses – with their amazing abilities to sense energy, already know who is coming and who is meant to be working with that person.

Who is healing who?


One of our rescue horses had a mysterious condition, and was unable to gain weight.     She has had a difficult past, became ill about eight months prior, and life seemed to be a struggle for her.  One day she was taking a break from her stable to join the workshop horses. Two participants chose to work with her, and she obliged.  In one session the participant was releasing sadness, and this horse lowered her head and yawned for several minutes.  As we observed this interaction, we couldn’t help but wonder who was healing who.

The gift of giving


When we give unconditionally to another, we receive just as much in return.  It becomes impossible to tell the difference between the giver and the receiver.  Of course it is not the gift or its value, but rather the intention behind giving the gift that influences the effect of giving and receiving.

What happens when you sponsor a horse?


Through your intention and gift, a connection is made between you and your sponsored horse.  The horse receives not only the benefit of your gift, but also feels your loving generosity.  Some people my even experience the presence of their horse with them from time to time.  Even from a distance your horse can heal and guide you, and conversely you can heal your horse.


As a sponsor you will receive:

  • A photo of your sponsored horse
  • Periodic updates on what your horse has been doing – including what work he/she has been involved in (without disclosing client details of course), what your horse gets up to in play time, and anything else worth noting
  • An invitation to our Hug and Groom event where you can come and spend a few hours with your sponsored horse including some quiet time – grooming, walking, or just hanging out.

Tell us which horse you wish to sponsor (click on the above photos to enlarge)!

The monthly contribution to your chosen horse you can pay via direct debit – just contact us for bank details: