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At Free Rein Australia, we believe that everyone has the birthright and capacity to create and enjoy the life they desire. We also believe that through external and internal influences (such as our social / cultural conditioning and our own inner critic) we limit our potential.  Since we can only attract (experience) which is in harmony with what we think, feel, and believe, our challenge is to shed the conditioned, self-limiting beliefs, embrace our genuine Selves, and return to our true nature – which is compassionate, accepting, non-judgmental, creative, resourceful, humble, grateful, and inspired.

Nature is the first responder beyond your emotions and thoughts to demonstrate to you where your vibrational frequency is.- Abraham / Ester Hicks

Horses show us the way back to our true Selves.  They are relational beings and respond to us according to how we do our world.  They show us our blind spots, and how our patterns of thinking, feeling, and limiting beliefs manifest in our life experiences.  Through their seemingly unlimited patience, they give us opportunities to reframe how we do our world.   As we become more aligned with our true nature, the horses are naturally drawn to us – validating our increased alignment.

Creatures of all manner, cooperative components of the universe, say to you, “now that you are getting the hang of this we would like to demonstrate with you, the alignment we feel within you.”- Abraham / Ester Hicks

We primarily learn and change through felt experiences.  The more powerful the experience, the greater the possibility is for change.


A horse will reflect exactly what you
need to see about yourself.

Are you brave enough to ask?
Are you strong enough to listen?
Are you humble enough to learn?”
                                      ~ unknown


Horses naturally activate deep emotional resonance within us.  As we are influenced by their powerful resonance of freedom and self-expression, we begin to naturally release our limitations.

When we release our limitations, we become more aligned to our true Selves – where our creativity, sense of identity, and ability to take action is fully integrated with our purpose and what matters to us, we attract experiences to us that match this higher expression.

Come and experience our unique experiential learning model that integrates the wisdom of mind, body, and spirit to create and enjoy the life you desire.

Everything in the universe constantly gives off an energy pattern of a specific frequency which remains for all time and can be read by those who know how.- David Hawkins, Power Versus Force

There is no riding, horsemanship skills are not taught, anyone can attend regardless of physical limitations, and participation is by choice – for both horses and humans.

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