Interspecies Communication Class

Live training event with Jean Rockefeller!

Contents bullet listHumanity as a whole, views all other species as lesser beings when in fact they are more highly evolved than humans!  All beings of Nature, with the exception of most humans, are well aware of their abilities and already communicate with each other in higher dimensions.  They all have healing abilities, and when we awaken to this knowledge, we begin to transform and all those around us benefit as well.   Imagine the untapped transformative potential contained within the inhabitants of Nature!

Horses were purposefully chosen for this class because they easily demonstrate their ability to share healingDeej energy, they are true to their innate nature, and through their karmic agreement with humanity, they are willing and easier than most species to communicate with.

Through the sentience and power of the horse, participants will experience the ability of Nature to share its wisdom and healing.   As we begin to access the transformative power contained within Nature, we will begin to propel the entire planet into limitless potential.[wpdm_file id=14]


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