Private sessions with Cindy and Jean

We are reminded that everything is energy, and discordant energy can get stuck in any layer of our energetic being – etheric, mental, emotional, physical – and will cause difficulties ranging from pain, and illness, and limitations in our self expression, relationships, and life experiences.

Causes of discordant energies include illness, medication, trauma, diet (anything we take into our bodies – including what we watch / read /see / hear / touch), family and cultural conditioning, ancestral trauma, past life experiences and trauma, cords, contracts, attachments, negative implants, and more.  Also what enters through ruptures in our energy fields, what we absorb from others …

These discordant energies can get stuck in any or all of our energetic layers.  Clearing and shifting the discordant energies often requires different modalities depending on where they are stored.  They are also interconnected.  All layers are affected, and all must be healed and restored.

This is a powerful combination of energy healing modalities, as Cindy works with the denser energies held within the physical body, Jean works with the less dense energies of the outer energetic layers, while the horses support all energy layers and provide a safe container.

Healing can only occur when the body feels safe.

Cindy and Jean work seamlessly together – Cindy may start by helping you track and release heavier energies in the body, and Jean will work to help clear the outer energetic layers for a complete energetic healing.

The horses provide a powerful resonant field in which your body feels safely contained.  In addition, they shift, clear, and transmute discordant energy.

To get the most of the session, please consider what is challenging for you in your life right now.  It could be present circumstances, past experiences that seem to still be ‘alive’ in your body, or self-limiting beliefs.

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